"Hey, beautiful." "What's up, cutie pie?" "Good night, pretty princess."

High self-esteem is critical for young girls’ health and happiness.* But for parents and caregivers, it can be all too easy to emphasize appearance over other qualities. Pretty is a picture book that uses a small twist in language to make a big shift in mindsets. By letting girls know they’re valued for more than just their appearance, we’re building young girls’ self-esteem one bedtime story at a time.

Sources: "The High Price of Low Self-Esteem" Dove Self-Esteem Fund, 2014, and Misetich & Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.2003

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What does it mean to be "pretty"? This book was developed to help reframe the conversation, depicting our young heroines as "pretty strong," "pretty kind," and "pretty brave."

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Night Stories
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Night Stories
Night Stories
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Let's teach girls everywhere that looks aren't everything—in fact, they're nothing compared to the way ...
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